Our charming, Amish built kid’s outdoor playhouses are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face! A custom playhouse allows YOU to choose the details that you know your children will enjoy the most. We offer three different styles of outdoor playhouses, Victorian, Backyard Cabin, and Cape Cod. All three can be customized by adding porches, flower boxes, scalloped trims, outdoor lighting, doors, and even porch swings. Our playhouses can be created in a variety of colors, and are made of your choice of premier vinyl or Amish wood. However you choose to customize your backyard playhouse, you can trust that our quality craftsmanship will both look great in your backyard and be durable through all of your child’s mischief.

Children’s Playhouse Sizing and Color Options

Our team of Amish playhouse builders can offer a wide variety of different colors and sizes to fit your unique playhouse desires. Our outdoor children’s playhouse sizes range from as small as 6 x 8 to as large as 10 x 20. We offer siding in the following colors: beige, black, blue, brown buckskin, clay, cream, dark gray, green, pink, red, and white. We offer trim colors for our playhouses in: white, beige, black, blue, brown, clay, green, and red. Get our playhouse shutters in beige, black, blue, brown, clay, green, red, and white. Even customize your playhouse roof color with any of these fun colors: black, brown, forest green, gray, pewter gray, tan, and weathered gray.

Unique Playhouse Customizations

As premier kids playhouse builders, we also offer a variety of playhouse customizations that are above and beyond what is offered anywhere else on the market. On the exterior side of your child’s playhouse, we can add a higher wall, double doors, custom chimneys, and coach lamps for outdoor lights. Inside your custom playhouse, we can provide you with a wide variety of customizations. These include interior lights, insulated walls to keep your kids warm in all seasons, paneled interiors, laminate flooring, and lofts with ladders to add extra space for playing. All our playhouse roofs are architectural shingles or 3-tab shingles. We even offer you the option to add a stained deck and vinyl post with railings to any size playhouse.

Benefits of Having An Backyard Playhouse?

As you are looking at our custom-built outdoor playhouses, you may be wondering what the benefits are for your child if you decide to purchase one. Here are some of our favorite reasons why adding a children’s playhouse to your property is beneficial:

  • It encourages your children to get outside
  • It provides unique ways for your children to stay healthy and active
  • It can double as a storage space for toys
  • It grows your child’s imagination
  • It encourages children to play with their siblings or friends
  • It will give you peace of mind when you send your children out to play because you know they’ll be safe

Try Out Our Custom Backyard Playsets Today

If you have always wanted to create something special for your kids to enjoy outside, we think that our outdoor playhouses would be perfect for your family. Let us put our Amish craftsmanship to good use by constructing a safe and attractive home for children of all ages to enjoy. Head over to our contact page to inquire further about our playhouse building customizations and costs.

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