large child's slide fortress and swingset

Swing Sets

Amish Backyard Structures proudly sells the Adventure World line of Swing Sets.  These models offer you environmentally friendly, maintenance-free vinyl swing sets for children. Choose from over 20 standard vinyl swing sets or create your custom playsets! You can add accessories like sliding boards, chutes, ladders, turbo slides, towers, tire swings, rock walls, monkey bars, etc. We even offer colored rubber mulch, mats and curbing, sandboxes, and other equipment to help you develop a wonderful outdoor activity center.  Customize these playsets to what your child likes.  As your children grow, you can adjust the swing height and add customized play features.

Some key components of our playground equipment include:

Our equipment meets high construction safety standards
We securely affix wooden beams within each vinyl sleeve
The vinyl sleeves leave no exposed wood to rot or warp
We use stainless steel bolts
Our sets include two ground anchors for each swing beam
We employ sturdy metal powder-coated brackets that won’t peel or rust away easily
Our sturdy swing hangers include spring clips for height adjustments
We cover the underside of decking and roofs with water-resistant vinyl

There’s no debating the fact that children today grow up with unparalleled exposure to electronics such as computers, tablets, and video game systems. While electronic entertainment is here to stay, there’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned time playing outdoors. Children need a break from screens and they need to get some fresh air and physical activity. While it may not be as shiny as a new video game, Adventure World playsets have been thrilling kids for years past and years to come.  Consider it an investment in your children by way of a brand-new vinyl swing set.
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*Please Note! Assembly and Installation are included in the price. Any and all site improvements are not included. Sites must be leveled before we arrive. The following prices are for labor if we install.                                                Rubber mulch is $100 per ton to spread out. labor only. See the price list for Rubber Mulch 
                Vinyl Border .50 per sq. ft. for labor to install. Landscape Fabric .50 per sq. ft. (material is not included )      Delivery is $8.00 per mile. Set up of the swing set alone is free.

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