Custom Built Storage Sheds

Looking for a storage shed? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a garden shed, tool shed, guest house or custom storage shed, Amish Backyard Structures is happy to build it for you. Our sheds are custom built to suit your needs, available in painted Duratemp T1-11 or maintenance-free vinyl siding. These custom structures are built with quality by the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Perfect for storage, office space, garden tools, potting sheds, and more. Pick the size that works best for you.  Please note 12′ wide and 14′ wide models only, the inside floor dimensions measure 6″ less than full width.  Design your shed to fit your backyard with size, colors, and options and enjoy a custom made shed that is perfect for you!

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Lack of storage space can lead to disorganization, chaos, and headaches all around. That’s the reason that the most cautious and intelligent people tend to go for ample storage all throughout their places of residence. A terrific garden storage shed can do wonders for people who want to get more room for their belongings at home. When you need storage sheds that are top of the line in caliber, we can accommodate you 110 percent here at Amish Backyard Structures. We’re a widely known company that’s headquartered in idyllic Oxford, Pennsylvania. We cater to the storage requirements of customers all throughout the region.

Many Different Choices in Utility Sheds

Our selection is made up of all sorts of exciting options in individualized utility sheds. Our storage shed builders can successfully tackle all kinds of construction requests. It’s totally fine if they’re complex, simple or anywhere in the middle. If you want to get Amish storage sheds that are sturdy, contemporary and functional all at the same time, we won’t let you down in the slightest.

Our sheds are customized to accommodate all of our customers’ specific requirements. We can build sheds of all sizes. If you like the idea of small storage sheds that are suitable for rather cramped backyards, you can turn to us. If you like the concept of markedly bigger ones that are appropriate for considerably bigger areas, you can still turn to us. The sky is the limit as far as our options in customized sheds go. If you want to get your hands on a utility shed that’s simultaneously practical, sleek and resilient to the max, we’re right here waiting to serve you.

Amish Craftsmanship For Your Outdoor Shed

Our bespoke structures are the work of Amish artisans who operate out of lovely Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. If you want to secure a utility shed that’s tough, hardwearing and gorgeous at the same time, we won’t fail you even for a second. We can wow you with storage sheds that are the dictionary definition of strong. If you’re tired of big or small storage sheds that just don’t cut it in the strength department, we can accommodate you with total confidence.

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Ready to explore all of the greatest options in storage sheds around? Our company is on hand. Call us to get a storage shed details now!

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